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5 Practical Ways to Stop Procrastinating

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. If you don't get started, you will do nothing, achieve nothing and be nothing.

But what do you do when you don't feel like doing anything?

Do you procrastinate?

Try these strategies to stop procrastinating:

1. Make a list of your "To dos".

Take five minutes to list out the things "you were going to do tomorrow."

On a blank sheet of paper, note several important activities you are delaying or have put on hold.

2. Do one thing.

Look at your list and do one thing on it right now.

Put the energy you've been directing toward excuses into the activity you've been avoiding. Action eliminates anxiety.

3. Pick a time (now) to work on the list.

If getting started is the hard part for you, set aside a designated time slot, at least 30 minutes, for work specifically on one job, project, assignment or personal goal that you've been "leaving until later."

4. Quit trying to be perfect.

What counts is quality of effort, not perfect results. Don't let yourself get discouraged by the presure of wanting to do everyhting perfect.

5. Think of the results of taking action NOW.

Imagine how you'll feel once you do whatever it is you've been postponing.

Freedom from anxiety. Freedom from nagging pressures. Freedom from self-doubt. Accomplishing put-off tasks will give you a great boost of confidence and energy.

Thanks for reading and if you found it helpful, please share.


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