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8 Toxic People You Should Remove From Our Inner Circle

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Not everyone that came with you has to continue with you. #mpakoville

Toxic individuals are completely exhausting to be around and they can have a negative impact on your forward momentum. You need to remain laser focused on your goals. The distractions and stress that toxic people bring into your life act as unnecessary obstacles, so it is best you avoid them.

You probably know a few toxic people, they might be working with you, you might be friends with some or you might even live with someone toxic. The sooner you remove them from your life, the better. Here are eight types of toxic people you should stay clear of.

1. People who are liars.

Liars, toxic people,

To be successful, we have to surround our self with other successful individuals that we can trust and count on to be there for us. You can’t trust liars and it's hard to count on them because you never know if they are lying or telling the truth. That type of uncertainty will wear you out quickly. Eliminate them from your life and you won’t have to wonder if you are being lied to.

2. People who are judgmental.

Judgmental people will find a way to criticize anything and everything they come in contact with. You could take the time to explain something to them in great detail but it goes in one ear and out the other. They come to their conclusions before they hear any facts, they don’t listen well and are horrible at communicating. Asking for advice or feedback from a judgmental person is a complete waste of time.

3. People who are envious.

Being an entrepreneur can be a very bumpy journey filled with highs and lows. While it’s important to have a strong group of supporters in our corner during the low times it’s also important to have supporters that are there to congratulate us when we hit the high points. Envious people will not be happy for you - ever. They feel that it should happen to them and nobody else.

4. People who are gossipers.

People gossip because they are insecure, they don’t know how to separate fact from speculation and when truths get twisted, the wrong information is conveyed, feelings get hurt and enemies are born. Having a gossiper within your business can be very destructive. They are cancers and can quickly create a negative environment.

5. People who are control freaks.

Control freaks don’t ever want to listen. They don’t have to, because according to them they know everything and they know the best way to do everything. While this type of person can be a nuisance in our personal life, they are a complete nightmare to deal with in a business environment. A successful business structure requires team members that will listen to and follow instructions. If you have control freaks on your team it can cause a “too many cooks in the kitchen” problem.

6. People who are arrogant.

Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Confident people inspire, while arrogant people intimidate and annoy. Someone with an arrogant attitude feels he or she is better than everyone else around them. In a personal setting this can be annoying, while in a professional situation this can create an uncomfortable environment.

7. People who are victims.

The constant victim will always make excuses and blame others for their mistakes and wrongdoing. They are some of the most toxic people to be around. They will never accept responsibility and always point the finger, which causes a domino affect of the blame game in a work setting. Flush them out of your business and eliminate that headache. 

8. People who are Negative Nancies.

Someone who is always negative will drain your positive energy immediately -- they thrive on bringing everyone down around them. You will never receive any words of encouragement from a Negative Nancy. They will discredit every idea you have and instead of being supportive they will go out of their way to point out every possible way you could fail, rather than focus on possibilities and potential. They are a major energy-suck.

Remove them from your life.

If any of these ring a bell, then there is a good chance you are being exposed to toxic individuals. You should consider removing them from your circle, to allow you remain 100% focused on reaching your goals without unnecessary distractions. 

Not Everyone That Came With You Can Continue With You

Together We Grow! #mpakoville


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