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It is our hope that this will not cause a problem, but at this point, we cannot guarantee it. The site will remain up for users with active logins, and Amazon has confirmed that we will be provided with 1-2 days of notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. - The Book BumpAdvertising Read more Madrid (AFP) Thousands of Filipinos have made their way to the Spanish capital Madrid, hoping to find work and make a better life for themselves and their families at home. Their trip to the Spanish capital had been a long-time dream of some Filipinos who had seen Spain as a friend country due to the strong links between the two countries in culture, language and economic activity. With the deaths of nearly three million people due to the coronavirus pandemic, more Filipinos have been able to travel to work in Spain to look for work. Most of them had come to Madrid already on two-year work visas, and most of them were working in construction, catering and the leisure industry, jobs which are considered the easiest to fill during the crisis. But their numbers are not enough, and there are concerns among Filipino workers and the Spanish authorities that the situation will get worse in the coming days as more and more Filipinos arrive. "It is becoming more and more difficult to find places to live in Madrid. The prices are very high, especially when you are working in construction, and the income is much lower than in Manila or Cebu, which are also doing badly in the economy," said Aris Virata, one of the Filipino tourists who had been working in Madrid for two years. "Here in Madrid it is hard, I work 15 hours a day. We wake up at 7 am and work until 9 pm and we only have three days off a week. There are very few Filipino workers here, it is difficult to find work," he said. - 'Immigrants' welcome - In the face of the coronavirus, many businesses have had to temporarily close, and many families have had to ask their workers for home accommodation, hoping that there will be an improvement when the crisis ends. In the first days of their stay in Madrid, Filipinos were mostly living in poor districts of the capital, not only because they did not know the area, but also because they were cheaper. But with the closing of bars, restaurants,




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