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Nyasoso Youths Homecoming

Bǎn bé Nyɛ̄səsé be dé kúmbe.

Nyasoso Youths in Yaounde

Registeration for this event is free and open to all youths of Nyasoso and well wishers. Please ensure you register if you intend to be part of this event. This will help us plan better.

Date: 18th-19th March 2022

Venue: Nyasoso

Theme: Youths, Great Opportunities and Participation for a New Nyasoso

About Nyasoso Youth Development Association (NYDA)

Founded in 2014, in Yaounde, the Nyasoso Youth Development Association has expanded to Meme, Fako, and the Littoral. NYDA is also expanding to the diaspora, notably the U.S.A.

NYDA is made up of dynamic and highly motivated youths guided by love and a desire for community development.

Our mission is to build the most resilient and impactful Nyasoso youth generation ever existed.

We aim to revive the spirit of collective community development.

About Nyasoso Youths Homecoming (NYHC)

The Nyasoso Youths Homecoming is an annual event in which Nyasoso youths from all corners of Cameroon come together to network, acquire knowledge in different spheres of life, socialize and realise community development projects.

Why the Nyasoso Youths Homecoming? (Objectives)

  1. To enhance solidarity among Nyasoso youths across the national territory and beyond.

  2. Creating a platform in which youths can directly and actively take part in community development.

  3. Improve social connections and networking among youth circles.

  4. Creating a medium where youths can connect to their roots physically through culture and tradition.

  5. Inspiring & empowering the next generation of youths back home through mentorship and economic empowerment.

  6. Bridging the gap between the older generation and mother organization, NYACUDA.

  7. Community reach out: Extending a hand of help to the needy and vulnerable.

Nyasoso Youths In Fako


1. Culture

At the heart of our mission is building a sense of patriotism. Most Nyasoso children out of Nyasoso have no clue as to their culture and tradition. This Homecoming will be introducing the basics of our culture and tradition. We will have the following:

A brief history of Nyasoso, why we are unique, special, and proud

Traditional dance moves, animations, and lessons on playing some of the instruments such as the drums

Cultural demonstrations such as libation, marriage rites… etc.

2. Sports

Sports not only help us keep fit and healthy but it helps in building a strong bond, something the Homecoming intends to build between the youths.

  • Nyasoso Peace Marathon: This will be a cross-country jogging exercise involving all participants.

  • Unity Handball Match: This will be a game played by the ladies, home base versus visitors and youths from outside Nyasoso.

  • Unity Football Match: Just like the Unity Handball game, this match would be played by men, home versus diaspora.

Other fun exercises include: Tug of war (Men Vs Women), Egg and sac race

3. Health Campaign

The objective of this project is to help establish a health campaign encompassing hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis B, kidney dysfunction and HIV/AIDS screening and treatment program in Nyasoso.

This activity will feature the following:

  • Community Sensitization: At the end of this activity, we would be able to identify simple health risk patterns, be able to avoid certain health risks

  • Free screening and counselling: Hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis B, kidney dysfunction, and HIV/AIDS will be tested free and suspected cases will be referred to the Presbyterian General Hospital Nyasoso for treatment and management.

4. Campfire

At the campfire, we will have time, proximity, freedom, and intimacy to create meaningful connections with one another.


Storytelling, talent show, singing, etc

5. Campfire workshop

This outdoor workshop is about youth capacity building and will feature guest speakers in the following:

  • Career orientation: Help youths make better career decisions and how to achieve their dreams.

  • Leveraging the use of technology & social media: Youths should be able to use the internet responsibly and not for abusive purposes.

  • Personal development: Activities that develop a person's capabilities and potential, build human capital, facilitate employability, and enhance the quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations.

  • Community development: Introduction to and importance of community development. Overview of activites of NYACUDA.

6. Community service

Here, we intend to have two activities:

  • Clean-up campaign: This will entail the entire village keeping the surroundings clean, neat, and tidy. We would also be clearing and preparing the football and handball pitches.

  • Reach out to the sick: Here, we will be providing material and financial support to the sick especially those hospitalized. We would also set up a program to assist suspected cases from our health campaign until they fully recover.

7. Moment of prayer & Exhortation

We will have a moment of exhortation prayer.

Our history and evolution as a community have Christianity as its backbone. Nyasoso as we know is the cradle of Christianity in Bakossiland.

We would be praying for prosperity and God's protection over the land of Nyasoso. We would also be praying for continuous love and harmony among the youths, the old both in Cameroon and abroad.



  • Increased number of youths engaged in community development.

  • Create a nationwide network of Nyasoso youths working together and helping each other.

  • Instil a sense of pride and belonging, reduced fear of visiting home.

  • Set a precedent for the further evolvement of the youthful population back at home.

Funding Needs

You can make a difference by donating to any of these courses.

Where we want to focus on:

A. Health campaign:

Out of poverty, lack of information and/or negligence, we keep losing our people to diseases that could have been avoided or contained. When this happens, it is usually associated with witchcraft. So we intend to start a scheme where we provide material, psychological and financial support to the sick. We would hold frequent sensitisation campaigns and free screening starting from the Youths Homecoming.

B. Culture:

Most of the youthful population grew out of the village and as a result, are not familiar with their culture and traditions. They are on the brink of losing their identity. That is why we intend to invest in cultural activities such as holding cultural workshops/seminars, buying equipment like drums and other cultural items.

Bǎn bé Nyɛ̄səsé be dé kúmbe.

Contact Us

Reach out to us for inquiries, donations or sponsorship.


Ediage E. Mpako: (+237) 674 170 974

Communication department

Epie Elvis: (+237) 673 936 292

Ekinde Jr: (+237) 673 455 472

Financial department

Epieajebe Amos: (+237) 673 028 797

Ebude Elise: (+237) 671 270 704

Registeration for this event is open to all youths of Nyasoso and well wishers. Please ensure you register if you intend to be part of this event. This will help us plan better.

Download the complete program below.

Home Coming Program
Download PDF • 737KB


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