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The CEOs Roundtable Cameroon

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

CEOs Roundtable is a non-profit project initiated by Be Your Own Model (BYOM), founded with major goal being to reduce unemployment in Cameroon. This project intends to do this by building a network of Chief Executive Officers and leaders of businesses or organisations across different professional fields irrespective of their religion or culture. This network of CEOs will put in corporate and visible measures of employing labour for excessive productivity and improve relationships between businesses and their owners. As of now, we already have 40 CEOs and Organisation leaders partnering with CEOs Roundtable with more adding.These partners are the backbone of CEOs Roundtable and its activities.

Our Objectives

1. Uniting over 50 CEOs annually, for networking to foster community development.

2. Reducing unemployment by employing at least 100 youths annually.

3. Ensuring business expansion and growth in organizations & Businesses

4. Creating a platform and ready market for talents.

Benefits of being a Partner to CEOs Roundtable

a) Improved ideas: Since it’s the coming together of businesses, partners would have the opportunity to network, learn and cooperate with other businesses.

b) Amazing discounts: There is hardly a business that is self-contained. Every business at one point needs a product or service of another business. CEOs Roundtable brings together businesses in different fields who are willing to support each other grow and so would give huge discounts.

a) Exposure: There are tons of businesses out there that have financial and skills backing but don’t seem to be relevant or aren’t making any profits. That’s because no one knows them. CEOs Roundtable offers exposure.

b) Skill acquisition: Businesses fail because they lack the ability to employ and those that employ usually employ the wrong people. CEOs Roundtable seeks to correct that by linking businesses to skillful and talented people.

c) Opportunity to change lives: Partners to CEOs Roundtable are out to solve one of the greatest problems our country is facing which is unemployment. This has been the cause of poverty and poverty related crimes. Partners create a medium for employment, skill acquisition etc which really changes the lives and families of many. As a partner, you become a real world hero.

How to become a partner/member of CEOs Roundtable

Partnership to CEOs Roundtable is open to all businesses and Organisation leaders of the national territory irrespective of their cultural background, religion and gender.

Becoming a partner is totally free through out 2019 but as from 2020, partners would have to pay a small subscription fee. To become a member, just call 679249334 or write an email to

CEOs Roundtable Annual Events

The CEOs Roundtable Event is going to be an annual event happening every June 2nd. We intend holding an invent in all the regions of the national within the next 10 years.

These events would consist of:

  1. Job offers (Direct employment)

  2. Music

  3. Exhibitions

  4. Runway

  5. Comedy

The First ever event has been scheduled for June 2nd 2019 in Yaounde at the Chambers Of Commerce. We expecting a total number of at least 700 participants this year. This year's event has been themed "Executive Decissions". Tickets are already available with regular tickets beginning at 2000 FCFA. VIP tickets are also available starting from 5000 FCFA.

Future Plans

CEOs Roundtable in 2020 would begin to create businesses of its own wherein we can directly employ labour. We intend to focus more on unskilled labour for those who do not have any formal education or did not complete school. This would greatly reduce our dependency on our partners to create employment and help a lot of people get off the streets.

Meet The Executives

President Edgar E. Mpako

CEO Mpakoville Digital Agency

Mobile: 691 669 699


Secretary - Fru Prudence N.

CEO of Prudence Beaded

PRO - Tata Elvis Wepnyu

CEO of Tata News




Mobile: 679 249 334

Some of our partners include:

Mingles, Afrotiin, Johnson Beuaty, Nora Touch, GroovyWorld,Graced Christian Youths International (G.C.Y), E-Media Empire, Skills Jet, Dandy Digital, Arch Ray Entertainment Company, Bibi's Huddle, Glow Cakes, Global Technology and Security, TeamE, Elakia Technologies, Prudence Beaded, Tata News

To become a partner send an email to or contact any on the executives above.

Sponsorship is open to the public. If you feel it in your heart to support this course, changing lives and improving our community please do contact us.


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