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27 Work From Home Jobs That Can Land You a Career and Future

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

27 Work From Home Jobs That Can Land You a Career and Future, entrepreneurship in Cameroon, mpakoville

Lots of youths graduate from university and spend the next few years seeking for employment with a fat salary. While that is a positive thing, many turn out unemployed due to high unemployment rates and end up being broke and often times depressed. You can employ yourself, start small and with dedication grow to a full scale business or company. Many of the big brands and companies we know today all started from bedrooms and garages. Here are a few examples of how you can earn money while working from home you should consider. 1. Translator Are you fluent in another language? In Cameroon, you have English and French as major languages but with over 250 traditional languages which you can master. There is a good market for translation. Start earning a living off of this skill by translating documents or being an interpreter. 2. Renter Do you have an extra bedroom? How about a car you don’t drive every day? Are there household items laying around collecting dust? If so, rent them out to people who could use them. Renting out stuff you don’t use most often will get you some extra cash. 3. Chef (Cook, Baker) If you are a good cook and love cooking, then your personal kitchen can be the head office for a catering business. People can hire you prepare special dishes, bake cakes and pies, make juices etc. You can start taking orders from friends and family, soon word would spread of your business. 4. Blogger Blogging is not expensive to start and it could be as simple as you just writing about your favorite hobbies, maybe about music or food or sports. There are bloggers who’ve taken blogging to be their full time job and earn six figures. However, you have to be patient a little to start making huge monies. 5. Event Planner Whether if it’s planning a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, people are looking for organized individuals to do most of the event planning for them. Your skills can come in handy here. 6. Animator Are you an artistic and creative individual who can create animation and visual effects. You can create animations for advertisements, movies, artists, etc. and other types of media from the comfort of your home. Related article: 4 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur Without Starting From Scratch 7. Child catering Your friends, family, and neighbors can use someone to watch their children while they are at work. Whether if it’s just for a couple of hours or for the entire day, they can just drop off the kids at your home. You just have to be good with kids. 8. Consulting If you have experience and knowledge in a specific area, then share it with others. For example, if you’re an accountant or lawyer, then you can provide advice to small businesses for a pay. You can consult on just anything you have enough experience and knowledge in. 9. Designer/Tailor If you are good at creating good clothing designs, that is something you can really begin a career in. People can buy your designs and you can also become an exclusive designer for public figures, companies etc. Being able to sew your designs yourself is a plus and all require just a little investment. 10. Vlogger (Instructional Videos) Is the something you really good at? Could be dance, cooking, driving...Then create a YouTube account and start uploading instructional videos for others. To start earning some cash, enroll in YouTube’s partner program and start making some cash.

11. Graphic Designer This is a rapidly growing field. Organisations, businesses need someone to design their logo, website, or visual ads, infographics etc. 12. Handmade Crafter If you good at making hand made products such as furniture, bracelets... you can set up an e-commerce shop to sell or use social media to showcase and sell your products. 13. Instructor Do you know how to play a musical instrument? Can you get people in shape? Whatever your knowledge or experience, people will pay you to share that information with them. Even if you don’t want people coming into your home, you could always start an online instructional program. 14. Internet Security Specialist Online security is becoming the talk of the decade. As an internet security specialist, you monitor networks for security threats and implement security standards. You may also install data protection systems as well. Given the attention that online security has been receiving, this job is expected to grow steadily over the next several years. 15. Peer-to-Peer Lender You would be amazed at how much money people make just by lending money to credible individuals and businesses. As you lend, you gain from the interests paid. 16. Pet Groomer Do love being around animals? Are you also patient enough to clean and style pets? If so, this is a perfect home-based business. Related article: Best Success Habits in Business 17. Photographer/Videographer Even though everyone has a camera on their phone these days, there’s still a need for these types of professionals like for events like weddings. You can also sell your images. 18. Programmer If you can write code, there are lots of people who will need your expertise in creating apps and software and even web apps. 19. Direct Salesperson This will require a little investment upfront, but you’ll receive all the tools and resources to get started. However, you’ll receive 20 percent to 35 percent of sales in commissions. And, you can find a direct sales opportunity to match your passion. 20. Repairer If you are talented in fixing things, like bicycles, cars, or computers etc. launch your own repair business. It probably doesn’t cost more than a little marketing to get started since you probably already have the tools and resources. 21. Social Media Manager There are lots of organizations who need someone to manage their social media accounts. Some organizations may even want you to completely develop a social media strategy for them.

22. Become an Expert Nowadays people are going online to find someone that is an expert at things they are struggling with. People nowadays prefer hiring experts than companies to come in and help them fix problems.

23. Virtual Assistant If you’re organized and can handle office duties like replying to emails, calendar management, entering data, and assisting with social media, then this job is perfect for you.

24. Virtual Public Relation Rep For small-to-mid sized businesses, they don’t have the budget for a dedicated CMO or VP of Marketing or even a public relations firm. But, they may have the funds to hire a virtual PR to take care of duties like promoting a business or managing a crisis.

25. Web Developer There is a growing need for web developers, people who can build a website from scratch, following a desired design. If you can, then don’t hesitate putting yourself out there. Businesses also want to make sure that their websites are intuitive and easy to navigate. As such, they’ll assign instructions for people to follow to check out their site. Each test usually is paid for.

26. Writing Gigs Businesses of all sizes need written content, like blog posts, website copy, or eBook. As a result, there are thousands of writing gigs available out there.

27. Voice Acting If you have a golden voice, cartoonists can use it, companies can use it for animated ads, short movies etc. Don't wait any longer. You can start right now.

"Start where you are, use what you have. Do what you can.

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